Do you need pet insurance to buy a rabbit?

Answer You DON'T need to buy pet insurance if you get a pet bunny, You can if you want to though.

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If the court has told you you need insurance within a month but you no longer have a car what type of insurance do you need?

Answer You will need non-owners insurance. Most companies offer this. This is for people without regular access to a vehicle.

How much water does a jack rabbit need?

Jack rabbits do not need much water as most of their water needs are met by consuming plants. Jack rabbits are incredibly resourceful in their water consumption by eating their food twice (once aga... Read More »

Does an HDTV need a special rabbit ear antenna?

An HDTV requires no special antenna. Any antenna capable of receiving TV broadcasts can receive HDTV. The antenna cares only about the frequency or channel of the broadcast, not if it contains DTV,... Read More »

How long do I need to protect my apple trees from rabbit damage?

Rabbits will chew on saplings and apple trees for as long as their bark is tender. To protect your trees, you can put a 2-foot-tall chicken wire barrier around the circumference of the tree. The wi... Read More »