Do you need permission to photograph a public statue and use it in a book?

Answer A photograph of a statue would be considered a derivative work; if the statue is protected by copyright, you would need permission from the rightsholder to create the derivative work.

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I'm writing a book review for a blog and want to insert one link to a Wikipedia page. Do i need permission?

No. You can link to Wikipedia as much as you want and need no permission. If you use material from a Wikipedia article as a source you need to cite the article. On each page there is a link "Cite t... Read More »

Im 17 and want to move in with my sister whose 18 in Michigan I have my parents permission but do we need that permission to go on record or something?

Answer there is no need of record just a word of mouth's permission is ok. so go ahead and move in as long as it is not for monkey biz

If a photograph has been used without permission by a magazine what is the legal situation and how should one proceed?

if it can be shown that the photograph was used to make a profit, sue the magazine for violating your copyrighted piece of artwork. If the photograph is strictly for educational purposes and there ... Read More »

How to Photograph in Public (the UK)?

This article will steer you through taking pictures in public, in the United Kingdom. Included are some guidelines as issued by the Police with regards to amateur photographers.