Do you need money down to get dental insurance?

Answer No there are not any buses on publish holidays except LOOP and 8 Canterbury but you need to get it from Westwood Cross!!! I went in Cecil Square to take a bus to go to Westwood Cross by the 34!! Bu... Read More »

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I need allot of dental work ( most teeth broken off down to the gum line)How can I get help with no money?

Check with the dental schools in your area - when I was in college I had a lot of work done by students. They did a really good job. They may charge something, but it will be way cheaper than a reg... Read More »

If husband has dental insurance and wife has dental insurance can you double up insurance?

As long as the husband enrolls the wife and vice versa you will have what is called secondary coverage. Now the husband will be his own primary and the wife will be secondary and the wife's plan wi... Read More »

Do i have pay tax on the insurance money for my home that burned down?

A home insurance settlement is taxable if it exceeds the price you paid for the house plus the costs of renovating and improving it. If the settlement is smaller than the price of the house and ren... Read More »

If you just need regular checkups and cleanings which is cheapest dental savings plans insurance or cash?

Answer Discount health coverage is becoming increasingly popular because it provides uninsured individuals with a way to receive health care services at a substantial discount for the entire family... Read More »