Do you need liability insurance for a nonprofit social club going on bus trips?

Answer If you want to protect your non profit organization from exposure to law suits, it would be advisable to obtain coverage. Non Profits are not exempt from financial liability.

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Do you need liability insurance for a nonprofit community social club with about 40 members that meets both around town and in a nursing home all-purpose room?

I doubt it but you should contact a local agent and discuss what risks there could be for your group, and if a policy is necessary.

How does a nonprofit church group go about getting general liability insurance?

Answer For church insurance, you should go to a company that specializes in churches. This will be more cost effective way, you'll get the appropriate coverages (counseling, abuse, Directors & Offi... Read More »

Can we as a fiscally sponsored project get our own general liability insurance before we have our own nonprofit status?

You do not need any qualifications to sell General Insurance. However, you do need to be working for an FSA registered company that has a compliance structure. This means that if you do not follow ... Read More »

Where can we get general liability insurance for our all-volunteer nonprofit providing service to communities in other countries?