Do you need internet access to use the cleverbot app?

Answer Yes.

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Is there wireless access in the library so that I could access the Internet on my laptop?

Yes. Wireless computing is available throughout the College at both the New Westminster and David Lam campuses. The login process is the same as accessing a desktop computer: your username is th... Read More »

Where can you go to access wireless internet if your internet at home goes out?

Can you access the Internet on your 40 GB PS3?

The 40 GB PlayStation 3 is able to access the Internet through a wired and wireless connection. You can connect to the Internet by selecting "Settings," then "Network Settings." Then select whether... Read More »

What is t1 internet access?

T-1 Internet access consists of a dedicated high speed phone line that is able to transfer information at a rate of 1.544 Mbps. The line is commonly bundled with phone service and Internet access, ... Read More »