Do you need insurance to register a car?

Answer Car insurance is required to register a vehicle. If the policy expires on a registered vehicle and you do not renew, you will be given a notice and fined if caught driving the uninsured vehicle.Sou... Read More »

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Do I need insurance to register a car in Massachusetts?

Your vehicle must be insured in order to register it in the state of Massachusetts. As part of the application process, you are required to obtain a stamp from a licensed Massachusetts insurance ag... Read More »

Do You Need Car Insurance to Register a Used Car in Michigan?

The state of Michigan requires all vehicles on the road to be properly insured. Michigan's no-fault insurance systems require basic coverage for all motorists. These standards mandate coverage for ... Read More »

If you buy a car in another state can the previous owner cancel their insurance before you get home or do you need to register the car in both states?

Answer It's not likely due to the fact that the company would consider the person a high risk. In most states it would not be legal to insure a nonlicensed driver. In many cases person's who have a... Read More »

Do i need new york car insurance to register a car in new york?

To register a car in New York, you must have a valid a New York state insurance identification card to prove you carry liability insurance. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles will reject ins... Read More »