Do you need insurance on a four wheeler to ride the town roads?

Answer we want to no so tell us

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How safe is it for people to ride bicycles on the roads in your town?

Its as safe as the bicyclist makes it and yes we have bike lanes but many don't stay in them which puts more pressure on the vehicle drivers...

Can you ride 4-wheelers on the roads in Pennsylvania?

Four-wheelers can be driven on the roads of Pennsylvania only when a government agency has declared a state of emergency or when it is necessary to cross a road, bridge or culvert. It is also legal... Read More »

Is it Legal to drive a Golf Buggy on town roads in the UK?

Definately not legal.Golf buggys are not road-legal vehicles. They do not have the appropriate lighting (travelling in daylight only is not an exemption); they do not have safety equipment; they ar... Read More »

Is it legal to ride golf carts on North Carolina public roads?

In North Carolina, a golf cart can only be operated on public roadways if it is registered, insured, licensed and has a vehicle identification number. The vehicle must also be equipped with headlig... Read More »