Do you need coupon to recieve a two dollar jamba juice?

Answer Usually you do but the better employees will scam a coupon they have on hand under the counter. But as far as the time sensitive offer you need to call a Jamba Juice and ask.

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Is Jamba Juice healthy?

On One Hand: Healthy IngredientsJamba Juice's smoothies contain fruit juice, frozen fruit and supplements that provide nutrients such as fiber, potassium and vitamin C. When craving something healt... Read More »

Jamba Juice or Starbucks?

i think jamba juice is better 4 the summer because it is a fruity drink and it is refreshing :) i think starbucks is better for the winter cause they have the hot drinks that give u energy :)

Is it good if you get a second interview at jamba juice?

That's awesome especially with a statement like that. Now go and show them why you ARE the right person to work for them. 2nd interviews are always a good sign. Put yourself above the rest by e-mai... Read More »

Jamba Juice Secret Menu?

red gummy! but you can find the secret menu usually on their website... you just tell them what you want like ordering a normal drink... not sure if it costs more though!