Do you need coq10 with red yeast rice?

Answer On One Hand: Red Yeast Rice Depletes CoQ10Red Yeast Rice, the supplement garnering steady acclaim for its potential to lower cholesterol levels, may deplete the body's natural reserves of Coenzyme ... Read More »

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Can you combine niacin with red yeast rice?

On One Hand: Possible Side EffectsMany red yeast rice supplements contain lovastatin, a cholesterol-lowering substance. When taken in conjunction with niacin (B3), lovastatin can cause severe muscl... Read More »

I need a recipe for rice pudding that is made only in the oven, (not on a cook top at all), with uncooked rice?

This rich, creamy slow baked rice pudding recipe is the ultimate version of the classic comfort food. The old-fashioned method of slow cooking the rice in milk gives the vanilla custard an incredib... Read More »

Rice with Chicken Rice with Shrimp Or Rice with Broccoli Which from this list do u like better?

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