Do you need any special education to teach disable children?

Answer I want to work with the children with please let me know if I need some special kind of education.....

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Are there special education teachers trained to teach children with Asperger's Syndrome?

Special education vision for children with special needs?

Not long, but remember that an optician has a vested interest in NOT correcting eye problems as they will get up to 70-odd years of loyal service by taking money from you for exams, lenses and brok... Read More »

How to Teach Special Education Programs?

Teaching special education programs successfully is a big undertaking. Special education teachers not only teach, but are responsible for the administrative tasks associated with each student. For ... Read More »

What training is needed to teach special education?

Answer Teachers who study Special Education learn about curriculum modifications and adaptations; behavior management techniques and strategies; legal issues; testing procedures; IEP paperwork; al... Read More »