Do you need an outside arial for a small freeview tv?

Answer Freeview is the UK terrestrial digital television servce. It uses conventional television aerials but a Freeview tuner demands a good signal to operate. Although indoor aerials can sometimes work, ... Read More »

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Is there a way to watch freeview TV without an outside aerial?

No.I know that if you get a digital tv, they have freeview built in, but think you still need an outside aerial to pick it up.If you haven't got an aerial your only option really is satellite tv, o... Read More »

Do you need a TV license for a TV with an indoor arial?

there used to be an exemption for portable TV's.. ones that didn't use mains power and didn't use a fixed aeriel, it was aimed at people in caravanswhether that exemption still applies I don't know... Read More »

I have a TV with built in freeview. I cannot watch freeview however as there is no Aerial socket in the room..?

Hi have you looked for an indoor aeriel.They say you can buy a reallygood one.Good Luck

Do i need a digital aerial if my telly has intergrated freeview?

I have a similar TV and I receive a perfect digital image and excellent sound quality through the existing ariel used for analogue reception. There should be no need to change your ariel. I pick ... Read More »