Do you need an outside arial for a small freeview tv?

Answer Freeview is the UK terrestrial digital television servce. It uses conventional television aerials but a Freeview tuner demands a good signal to operate. Although indoor aerials can sometimes work, ... Read More »

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I have a TV with built in freeview. I cannot watch freeview however as there is no Aerial socket in the room..?

Hi have you looked for an indoor aeriel.They say you can buy a reallygood one.Good Luck

Do you need a TV license for a TV with an indoor arial?

there used to be an exemption for portable TV's.. ones that didn't use mains power and didn't use a fixed aeriel, it was aimed at people in caravanswhether that exemption still applies I don't know... Read More »

Why HP Inkjet can only print clearly when the font is arial?

The arial font will always give a nice print because the font has so serif. When you use Times or any other fonts with a serif, you need to set the printer at 300 dpi to get a nice print. Anything ... Read More »

How do I Convert MS Word Romantic Font to Arial?

Microsoft Word is a common word processing program. There are many types of font options that come with the software. Two such fonts are "Romantic" and "Arial."