Do you need an ironing board to iron?

Answer You don't need an ironing board to iron. Place a towel on top of a hard surface, such as a coffee table, and use that as an ironing board. Make sure the surface isn't plastic or anything else that ... Read More »

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Did girls in the 60's/70's iron their hair on an ironing board to get it to be straight?

I used to sneak downstairs very early and very quietly so I could iron my hair before my Mom woke up.

How to Pick an Ironing Board to Fit Your Ironing Style and Space?

Ironing is a chore that you either love, hate, or tolerate. However, there is a sense of accomplishment when you have wrestled those wrinkles and have a clean, crisp shirt to wear. Types of ironing... Read More »

How to Choose an Ironing Board?

When you put clothes in a laundry bag, suitcase or even folded in a drawer, they can become too wrinkled. When this happens, you need a fully functioning ironing board on which to iron them. There ... Read More »

How to Build an Oak Ironing Board?

Wood ironing boards are nearly a thing of the past. They can be found on display in museums and historical buildings. If you love the simple beauty of a wood ironing board, you can make your own ou... Read More »