Do you need an ipod to use itunes?

Answer On One Hand: On Your ComputerITunes is a popular resource for downloading cheap media. You can use the program to find your favorite songs, albums or television shows for a nominal fee. Anything yo... Read More »

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How can you tell how much space is being used up by your iTunes...I am trying to figure out how much space I will need to transfer my iTunes library to an iPod and which iPod to select?

Answer down the bottom of the i-tunes home page, there shold be a bar with blue, orange and white smaller bars inside it, that will tell you who much space there is left.

My old itunes got erased and i have a new computer with new itunes how can i put the new songs from the new itunes to my ipod withought erasing all of the songs from my ipod and sync the new ones?

Answerit will be a gotcha lurks when you install iTunes and plug your iPod onto a new computer because iTunes is set by default to replace your iPod library with the desktop library the first time ... Read More »

Do i need itunes for my ipod?

nu, u need iTunesYe, for the guy above me....who cares about the 10% of the people that have ipods actually buy them while thre rest jsut download them...iTunes is needed in order to p... Read More »

Do i need iTunes to put songs on my iPod?

No, you do not need iTunes to put songs on an iPod. iPod users can use third-party software such as Winamp and SharePod to transfer files to their iPods from their music libraries.Source:SharePod: ... Read More »