Do you need an iPad 3g to use Verizon?

Answer it depends on what u pick 4 ur contract.

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Need help with my iPad. So I got the WiFi plus 3g iPad. Then 3 days later someone cut r WiFi cord.I never got a chance 2 put my iPad 2 use the 3g.and I need WiFi 2 b able 2 do tat. Is there another wa?

Go to Best buy and get another wifi cord for like 40$ not that much money

Who is the brunette in the iPad 2 Verizon commercial?

Generally speaking,it doesn't!Yet if you wanna your ipad 2 to be well protected,it's really a good choice to purchase an bluetooth keyboard case for your ipad 2.

Who is the actress in Verizon iPad 2 commercial?

Who is the cute brunette in the Verizon iPad 2 commericial?

Yes you can do pretty much the same thing on a ipad that you can do on a mac