Do you need an Internet connection for an ethernet adaptor?

Answer An ethernet adaptor allows for high-speed networking among computers, as well as related electronics like printers and fax machines, thus making the sharing and transferring of files much faster an... Read More »

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With which free software I can create wifi zone using a wifi adaptor and broadband internet in ethernet port?…It is a little technical but it will work.

How to Share an XP Internet Connection With an OS X Via an Ethernet Cable?

If your Windows XP computer has two methods for connecting to the Internet (e.g. two Ethernet network adapters or one Ethernet adapter and one wireless adapter), you can use an Ethernet cable to sh... Read More »

How do I connect my laptop to a wired internet connection using an ethernet cord?

Uhm idk why it would do that? But when you plug the ethernet into your laptop an icon in the bottom right hand corner of a computer should come up just like it would if you were running on a wirele... Read More »

What is an Ethernet adaptor?

The Ethernet adapter is installed inside a computer via an expansion bay on the back side of the computer to allow the user to plug in a DSL or high-speed Internet CAT6 or CAT5 cable, which looks l... Read More »