Do you need a wireless burglar alarm for your home?

Answer On One Hand: Wireless Alarms are VersatileA wireless burglar alarm works by transmitting radio signals through the air rather than electrical signals through wires, which allows alarm sensors in pl... Read More »

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How to Fit a Burglar Alarm?

Want to make your home secure against burglary? Thinking of fitting your own burglar alarm? Here are some guidelines from a professional:

When was the first burglar alarm made?

American inventor Edwin T. Holmes made the first electric burglar alarm in the 1850s. It consisted of a bell that rang if a door or window were opened. He installed the first alarm on Feb. 21, 1858... Read More »

Who invented the burglar alarm?

On June 21, 1853 Augustus Russell Pope was issued the first patent for a burglar alarm under the patent number 9802. In 1858, Pope sold his rights to the patent to Edwin Holmes for $1,500 down and ... Read More »

Who invented the first burglar alarm?

Edwin Holmes invented the first burglar alarm system in the 1850s. He devised a system in which a bell would ring if a door or window was opened. Well-to-do homeowners in New York City purchased th... Read More »