Do you need a visa to travel to europe?

Answer According to the European Union, American citizens do not need a visa for traveling through 22 European Union countries. All that is needed is a valid passport. However, border officials may reques... Read More »

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Do I need a visa& a passport to travel to Europe?

All countries in Europe require that you have a valid national passport to enter the country. The European nations that are part of the Schengen zone do not require a visa. These countries are Spai... Read More »

Do Mexican Nationals need a visa to travel to Europe?

Mexican nationals, as of June 2010, do not need a visa to travel to Europe for stays up to 90 days. Transit visas may be required for flight connections in countries outside Europe. The United King... Read More »

Do I need a visa to go to Europe?

When traveling to Europe, needing a visa depends on the amount of time you will be there and the country you are traveling from. If your stay is less than three months and you are traveling to Euro... Read More »

Can I work in Europe without a visa?

If you are coming from the United States to Europe and wish to work in Europe legally, you must obtain a work visa before starting work. Read the work visa rules of the specific country you wish to... Read More »