Do you need a title to register a car in Florida?

Answer To register a car in Florida, you need either the original title or the Bill of Sale for the vehicle. If you are registering an out-of-state vehicle and you do not have the title, you need the out-... Read More »

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How to Register a Car in Florida Without a Title?

In Florida, drivers may not register a vehicle for on-road use without the car's title. If you do not have a Florida vehicle title, you may request a duplicate title with a form provided by the Flo... Read More »

Do you need a title to register a car?

Yes, having a valid title is a requirement to register a vehicle in a U.S. state. In Nevada, for example, a person who buys a vehicle cannot register it with only a bill of sale. The seller must pr... Read More »

Can you register a car without title release?

You cannot register a car without a title release. You must have a signed title release in order to register your car within the state in which you live. This prevents stolen cars from being regist... Read More »

How to Register a Song Title?

A copyright is a right granted by the government to the creator of an original piece of music. If you have an original song that you want to copyright, you will need to contact the U.S. Copyright O... Read More »