Do you need a stronger signal for digital tv or for analog tv?

Answer There are two answers to the question - Digital or analog. Here is the reason why: Digital signal are very robust signals as long as they do not fall below a certain strength and quality. As long a... Read More »

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Does a digital TV signal carry as far as an analog TV signal?

One of the advantages of digital television signals is that they can travel long distances without loss of signal quality. However, digital TV signals do not carry as far as analog TV signals. Anal... Read More »

Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?

Why the switch from analog to digital signal?

There are several reasons but better picture quality isn't the most important.The primary reason for switching from analog to digital television is that it will free up some of the electromagnetic ... Read More »

Is the switchover from analog to digital television signal in the US an end of times sign?

IT IS!It is the end of the ANALOG Times. This was spoken of by the great apostate CT RUSSELL. He said that when the Analog times ended, Armageddon would follow and that the Evil Empire called COMC... Read More »