Do you need a special USB cable to put music on a PSP?

Answer The PlayStation Portable (PSP) requires a standard USB cable with a Mini-B connector for transferring music (and other media) from your PC or PlayStation 3 to your PSP. This USB cable comes package... Read More »

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Do I need a special VGA cable for a large LCD TV?

A standard VGA cable is all that is needed to connect a PC or laptop to a large LCD television. If the laptop and TV both have HDMI connections, an HDMI cable is preferable as it gives the best qua... Read More »

How do u get to watch DVDs in HD on TV Do u need a special cable?

DVDs are generally in a 480i format. Where as a HDTV would be in a 720p or 1080p format.There are several methods in doing this. The first one is to buy a DVD player that can upscale them to 720p a... Read More »

Do you need a special cable to connect SATA drives to an SAS connector?

The connectors for SATA and SAS drives share similar features, so they can be connected to an SAS connector. The SAS female connector is designed to have a space between the power and data connecto... Read More »

What special services dose a teacher of a special kid need?

No. Sometimes this will be virtually impossible. Its important to remember that the class the child is in will have work set that the government sees an average. In other words, what the majority o... Read More »