Do you need a special CD burner to use LightScribe?

Answer A LightScribe-enabled disc drive is required to use LightScribe disc labeling technology. Most LightScribe-enabled disc drives have the LightScribe logo printed directly onto the drive, although so... Read More »

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What external lightscribe burner can i use on mac ?

It is not the drive but whether it comes with mac s/w i believe roxio do mac compatible lightscribe s/w1 quick google and i found this…

Can you use LightScribe discs in a LabelFlash burner?

You cannot use LightScribe discs in a LabelFlash burner for printing labels, nor can you print on LabelFlash discs in a LightScribe burner. You can, however, burn data onto both types of discs in e... Read More »

Can i use a lightscribe disc on a light flash burner?

You can use LightScribe discs only on drives that are LightScribe compatible. Check for a LightScribe logo. If you are using a notebook computer, you should at least have a LightScribe sticker on y... Read More »

Do you need special discs for LightScribe?

You do need special discs for LightScribe to work. LightScribe uses the laser of a CD or DVD burner to create a high-resolution image on the label side of a recordable disc. However, this technolog... Read More »