Do you need a simcard to jailbreak an iPhone?

Answer i get 3g on my iphone there from att

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Iphone jailbreak need help!!?

Well there might be a problem with the software your using I like using greenpoison because you don't download as much things as in other jailbreaking software like red snow I guess so give that a try

Do you need to Unlock iPhone to Jailbreak It?

No. If you are running 3.1.3 (the latest firmware) on any iPhone, then you can jailbreak without unlocking.If you are on a firmware below 3.0, I think you can jailbreak without unlocking.I would li... Read More »

Do you need to jailbreak your iPhone 4S to unlock it?

You will need to contact your network provider and let them know the problem you are having, should this fail contact Apple Inc direct.

I need to jailbreak my iPhone as soon as possible. Can someone please help me ?

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