Do you need a server to test webpages from dreamweaver?

Answer If you go to File > Preview in browseryou can test it from there, it will behave just like a live web page

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How do i delete.all the previos webpages from my address toolbar?

Go to the Tools Menu..then select internet options menu item from the list and in the window opened select clear history..this will clear all the previous address in the adress bar..Tools-> Interne... Read More »

How can I migrate Active Directory from Server 03 to Server 08?

IM scared !!! I need prayer, is this a test from God?

I said a prayer.GOOD LUCK & GOD LOVES YOU.

Do you need permission from the mother for a paternity test?

A paternity test for informational purposes only--not one expected to be legally binding in a court of law--does not require the mother's permission. If you want a legally binding test without the ... Read More »