Do you need a router with a wireless printer?

Answer You will need to have a router to run a wireless printer. The router serves as a WAP (Wireless Access Point), which allows all of the wireless devices to work seamlessly together.Source:Liutilities... Read More »

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How do i set up the connection back up to a wireless printer with a wireless router?…

How to Make a Printer Wireless With a Wireless Router?

You can easily make an older printer wireless using a wireless router or a wireless print server. This quick guide will show you how to make a printer wireless with a wireless router so that anyone... Read More »

I'm trying to set up my friends wireless printer can i use my wireless router?

You could but it would just make the task more difficult. You can use your network for the desktop to grab the drivers for the officejet; however, when you return it to their house, you're going to... Read More »

How to Use Your Wireless Printer With a Router?

Hooking your printer up to your router lets every computer connected to your home network print wirelessly. This is useful if you share a workspace with several other people who need access to a pr... Read More »