Do you need a router for Wi-Fi?

Answer To set up a Wi-Fi network in your home, or to share the Internet between more than one computer, you must have a Wi-Fi capable router. However, to connect to mobile Wi-Fi, such as Internet from a c... Read More »

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Why do I need to port forward through my router when I'm not inherently using a router?

The ethernet cable in the wall is connected to a router. Whether it is in you room or not is relevant, it's connected to a router somewhere.To do port forwarding, you would need to set it up on tha... Read More »

What kind of wireless router do I need And do I need a new modem?

Your old modem should support any new routers that you buy, if there any frequent disconnection then probably you can buy one

Do I need a new wireless router?

It could very well be a d-link problem as there are known to be the crappiest routers around (personal experience) but sometimes and this is a very less frequent issue (very very less frequent) you... Read More »

Why Do I Need a Router for My Computer?

Many of us have heard of the term "router." We know they play some role in our daily computer use, but we may wonder exactly why we need one. Routers actually provide a crucial service to our Inter... Read More »