Do you need a receiver case for the power mat or can you charge it without one?

Answer Hold the home button and the lock/power button on the top for approx 10 seconds

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How much solar power do i need to charge a 12 volt battery?

Solar battery chargers can be used for various applications and have begun to replace traditional chargers. The advancing technology has given them a more consistent and reliable source. It will ta... Read More »

When it says free wifi do you need to have a database to use it without charge?

You don't really need anything to use it other than a computer, smartphone or device capable of accessing the free wifi. Most Free WIFI still require that you put in a user name/password, which th... Read More »

How can you power charge your cell phone in a power outage?

It never fails. There's a brownout in your neighborhood or a blackout through your county, and you forgot to charge your cell phone. Like many, you don't have another phone in your home anymore, or... Read More »

What is the best home theater receiver Not speakers, I have speakers and just need the receiver part.?

denon will get you your best for your money. i have 3 receivers. avr1612, avr3313, and rxv473, my favorites are my Denon's. onkyo is pretty good for the price as well and usually more feature packe... Read More »