Do you need a really good camera to take photography pictures?

Answer With the quality of the new digital cameras, you don't really need an expensive camera to take good pictures. There are 12 MP cameras available for $99 or less that will beat the snot out of a 5 MP... Read More »

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In digital photography if a camera has a greater amount of mega pixels does that mean better quality pictures.?

I'll vote with the NO people. While you obviously can't compare a 2 MP camera to a 10 MP camera, the difference between a 5 and a 6 MP camera might not work out the way you'd expect. You can't ev... Read More »

Your 15 and you are reasonably good at photography you want to take it up as a career but to make a bit of money now you want to sell some pictures how much should you charge?

You sound like a very enterprising young person. It will depend on the market, won't it? Say that you insist on charging $50 for a photograph because someone here told you to, but no one will pay i... Read More »

Very good camera for photography?

If you are not planning to buy it until later this year i would say a good entry level DSLR will be a Canon XSi. 12.2 MP, Live View, and optical image stabilization in the lens and much more. It ... Read More »

What would be a good but cheap camera to use for photography?

hese days theres a lot small but verry good camera, for a person like you I suggest a small camera with a good brand to guarantee your satisfaction. They allready hava a various small camera with ... Read More »