Do you need a really good camera to take photography pictures?

Answer With the quality of the new digital cameras, you don't really need an expensive camera to take good pictures. There are 12 MP cameras available for $99 or less that will beat the snot out of a 5 MP... Read More »

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How to Take Really Good Scene/Emo Pictures?

You've seen the photo's, the girls who seem to effortlessly take stunning photo's and the boys who look hot without even moving a muscle. So you want in on this crazy 'scene/emo' picture craze? Let... Read More »

What type of camera should I get if I want really good pictures?

Kodak EasyShare C310 Digital Camera, it is cheap and best for novice user. Apart of it, it is digital camera and you can see images on computer also and save on CD also. Price is $62.00 - $119. You... Read More »

How to take good pictures using a camera?

Learn about Light, Composition, Exposure and Depth of Field.Light……Composition Read More »

A good camera to take pictures with at shows?

A digital SLR is definitely the way to go. If you want to do pro work, and you're wanting to spend a little money, the Nikon D700 has Fabulous high sensitivity settings, meaning that you can take l... Read More »