Do you need a prescription to buy diabetic test strips?

Answer A prescription is not necessary to purchase diabetic test strips. Many people, however, choose to obtain a prescription for their diabetic test strips so that they can bill their insurance companie... Read More »

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Does Medicare pay for diabetic test strips?

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) covers diabetic test strips. Considered the most expensive cost of diabetes, test strips and much of the accompanying equipment (such as monitors and lancets) is... Read More »

How do I Use Test Strips to Test for Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer Hours & Days After Applying?

Chlorine tablets and granular chlorine contain a trace of cyanuric acid, which protects chlorine from dissipating in the sun's ultraviolet rays. Chlorine users should test the level of cyanuric aci... Read More »

Hi am I entitled for free prescription as I am a diabetic?

as without your medication you would die... then yes in the UK you would get all of your prescriptions for free (sorry thats so blunt its more in reply to the answers above)you would have to get a ... Read More »

Can ph test strips be used to test for candida?

A pH test strip only tests a liquid or moisture for how acidic or alkaline it is. In a vaginal candida infection, the pH tends to be over 4.5, according to naturopathic physician Dr. Marianne March... Read More »