Do you need a power adapter in France?

Answer If you are traveling from the United States, you will need a power adapter in France. French outlets require adapter plugs that are round with two round prongs, plus a hole that will accept the out... Read More »

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What type of electrical plug adapter is needed for France?

A Type E electrical plug adapter is needed for use in France.AppearanceThe Type E electrical plug is identified by two round pins spaced 19 mm apart. It also has a hole for the socket's male groun... Read More »

If you use the wrong household AC electrical power adapter to give power to something what part of its circuit will be damaged?

This question could be understood in two different ways and both ways would make good sense! So two separate answers are given below. ANSWER 1 If the question is asking which part of a circuit woul... Read More »

Can a 12-volt, 500-amp power adapter be substituted for a 12-volt, 200-amp power adapter?

Each power supply is rated according to the maximum electrical current at a set voltage the power supply can provide. Therefore, a 12-volt, 500-amp power supply may be used in place of a 12-volt, 2... Read More »

What is the source of power in France?

France uses nuclear power for more than 75 percent of its electricity. As of 2007, there were 59 nuclear reactors in operation with another large reactor under construction and estimated to be comp... Read More »