Do you need a passport to get into Canada from the USA?

Answer Yes and no. The Canadian Border Service does not require American citizens to present a passport and will accept a government issued ID and proof of citizenship for entry. If you plan on returning ... Read More »

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Do i need a passport to fly into Canada from the U.S. if i am Canadian?

A valid passport or a NEXUS card is required for a Canadian returning home from traveling to the United States. A NEXUS card is obtained through an application process coordinated by Canada Border ... Read More »

Do you need a passport to cruise into Canada from the U.S.?

If you are a U.S. citizen traveling into Canada, you will need to show your passport at all land and sea borders you cross. However, a government issued photo ID, birth certificate or expired passp... Read More »

As a US citizen with no passport, what documents do I need to get into Canada?

As a Canadian who has crossed the border several thousand times, you now need picture ID along with proof of citizenship to enter the US and return. I imagine it works the same in reverse. It's bet... Read More »

What documentation do I need to drive into Canada?

To drive into Canada from the United States, you must show proof of identity and proof of citizenship. Proof of citizenship must be a valid passport, a passport card (limited-use international trav... Read More »