Do you need a modem in your computer?

Answer On One Hand: Computers Do Not Need ModemsA modem, or modulator demodulator, is used by a computer to communicate through phone or cable lines with another computer. Most basic computer applications... Read More »

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Do you need a fax/modem on your computer to use a DSL line?

A fax or standard modem is not needed to use DSL internet on a home computer. While DSL internet comes through the phone lines, it runs into a DSL Internet router box that then feeds the high-spee... Read More »

Do i need a modem on a computer with dsl hookup?

You only need a dial-up modem if you have a reason to use a dial-up connection in addition to your DSL connection. DSL requires a special type of modem that connects to your computer over ethernet ... Read More »

Do I need a modem in a computer to install a DSL Internet connection?

You do not need an internal modem to install DSL service. You need an external modem, also known as a DSL transceiver or router, which is sometimes offered free when you purchase DSL service packag... Read More »

Can you get Internet on your PSP by using your modem for your home computer?

The PSP is a wireless device and cannot connect directly to the Internet with a dial-up modem. A wireless access point with a DB-9 COM port that is connected to the Internet via a dial-up modem can... Read More »