Do you need a mixer when recording on the computer?

Answer On One Hand: Mixers Are Not NeededMost computers can record sound with no more than an integrated sound card. As long as a microphone is available then recording is possible. Many computers come ... Read More »

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How do i connect a powered mixer to a computer?

Buy a sound card that has 1/4-inch connections for inputs. Install the card in your computer, then install any drivers. Cards that usually work are 24/96 sound cards. Plug your mixer into a wall ou... Read More »

How to Set Up Computer Recording?

Recording audio on home computers has grown from just the most technically savvy users to a larger number of music and recording enthusiasts. A standard recording setup can easily cost many thousan... Read More »

Can an SM58 mic be used for computer recording?

You can use the Shure SM58 vocal microphone to record digitally onto a computer via the USB port when you pair it with an XLR-to-USB signal adapter. Shure produces the X2u adapter, which includes a... Read More »

Help with recording my computer screen?

Use Bandicam. It's less memory usage then Fraps and records at a higher FPS. Although, there is a watermark.Bandicam Pro removes the watermark.