Do you need a license to sell car insurance?

Answer Auto insurance, along with home and boat insurance, falls under the category of property and casualty insurance (P&C), and a P&C license is required. Insurance companies are regulated at the state ... Read More »

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Do you need a license to sell pet insurance in Florida?

I'm not sure how much your kitten policy would increase, but my 2 policies for my dogs just went up 20.63% in the second year!! Obviously, I'm going to have to look for new insurance. I feel scammed.

What license do you need to sell auto insurance?

In general, a Property & Casualty license is required. States may differ on the precise requirements for obtaining such a license, but all have a testing procedure and require continuing education ... Read More »

What type of license do you need to sell car insurance?

According to Kaplan Professional Schools, you need a Property and Casualty license to sell car insurance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that an insurance sales agent must obtain a license in... Read More »

What license do need to sell travel insurance in Ontario?

You have to register with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and obtain a license from them.