Do you need a high definition tv to have a blu ray player?

Answer The cheapest Blu-ray player would be the Playstation 3. It costs four hundred dollars and you can do a lot of entertaining things with it such as games and watching movies.

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How do you have high definition t.v. and a Blu-ray player?

No. Blu-Rays can only work on HDTVs. And in order to get the full resolution and quality of the Blu-Ray, your HDTV needs to have a pixel amount of 1080

Can a standard DVD player be used with a tv with high definition?

How to choose a high definition disc player?

Selecting your next purchase of a high definition disc player is a lot easier than many newspapers and media would have you believe. In fact if you go to your local electronics store, they may even... Read More »

Does a blue ray player play in high definition using a TV with 1080I?

Yes, providing you use an HDMI cable to connect your blu-ray player to your TV.The i (versus p) indicates interlaced (versus progressive). Your TV will de-interlace the frames.