Do you need a hd receiver even if you have hd tv?

Answer yes

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What is the best home theater receiver Not speakers, I have speakers and just need the receiver part.?

denon will get you your best for your money. i have 3 receivers. avr1612, avr3313, and rxv473, my favorites are my Denon's. onkyo is pretty good for the price as well and usually more feature packe... Read More »

I have a new HD Tv but have been told I still need to buy a receiver to get HD is this correct ?

Yes. You must receive the actual HDTV channels through your cable or satellite company. If the TV has HDTV on it then that means it is HDTV ready. You must still purchase the channels in HD. (not a... Read More »

Alright, i have the Genesis Media lab g506 digital series and i need to know what u recomment for a receiver?

I don't quite follow your question -- the Genesis G-506 is supposed to be an all-in-one HT system and includes a "5.1 receiver" built into the subwoofer. That said, as far as I can figure out this ... Read More »

I have my analog receiver hooked up properly but i can't get the main menu to show on tv all i get is snow on tv what do i need to do?

As of the DTV transition in June 2008, your tv and radio will no longer be able to receive analog signals of any kind. Some stations were running both analog and digital stations throughout the tra... Read More »