Do you need a dual drive on a pc or not?

Answer On One Hand: Copying Information is FasterBy equipping a personal computer with dual drives, one drive is able to read the information off a disk while the other writes that information to a new, b... Read More »

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What is an 8x DVD RW dual layer drive?

An 8x DVD-RW Dual-Layer drive is a drive that has the capability of reading or writing to Dual-Layer rewritable DVD's at a speed of 8X. 8X refers to the speed at which the data is read or written i... Read More »

What Is a Dual Layer Drive?

A dual-layer drive is any DVD drive that supports the dual-layer DVD format. Dual-layer drivers are found in computers, video game consoles and standalone DVD players. All DVD burners made today ar... Read More »

What is a dual layer capable drive?

A dual-layer capable DVD drive can write two layers of data to each side of a compatible blank DVD. A double-layer DVD can hold twice as much data and video as a single-layer DVD, with a maximum ca... Read More »

Gateway15.6 dual core with blue ray drive good?

Yes it Comes in Widescreen and in HD unlike othe movies.