Do you need a drivers license to insure a car?

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Can you insure your drivers license if you do not own a car?

With some companies they offer what is called a non-owners policy which allows you to purchase insurance coverage. These are used mostly because a client is required to have insurance coverage for ... Read More »

How do you insure your drivers license?

"Insure your license" means to purchase an automobile insurance policy that is known as a Broad Form Named Operator, or BFNO for short. It provides liability auto insurance for all owned and non-ow... Read More »

Can you register and insure a car in Indiana if you bought it there and have the title but have a New York City drivers license?

yes, your insurance company will tell u that u will however need proof of current address and they will eventually make u change the state your drivers license to where you live

Do tow truck drivers need a CDL license?

Regulations for tow truck drivers vary by state. Generally speaking, a commercial driver's license is not required for a tow truck driver, but drivers must have a valid license and may need to gain... Read More »