Do you need a digital converter for each old television you have?

Answer In order to watch different channels on each of the televisions a separate set top box is needed for every television. Each set top box should connect to the antenna feed that has been connected to... Read More »

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Does a television with a digital tuner need a converter box?

In the United States, as of March 1, 2007, it is illegal to manufacture, import or ship televisions lacking built-in digital tuners. If you have purchased a television since that date, your televis... Read More »

Does an analog television with the digital converter box need an antenna?

Since the digital-television transition of 2009, older analog televisions require a digital-converter box in order to watch broadcast television. In addition to the box, analog televisions also nee... Read More »

What improvements to broadcast television and videotapes does high-definition and digital television broadcasting bring?

pictures will have better quality because of an increase in the number of pixels and a change in the aspect ratio of the picture.

Will the digital TV signal cause damage to an analog TV that does not have a digital converter box?