Do you need a digital converter box to use a DVD player?

Answer No, you do not need a digital converter box to use a DVD Player, all you need is a TV.

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Does my DVD player need a digital converter?

On One Hand: You May Need a Converter BoxSome things are a little different since the June 12, 2009, transition to digital TV. If you're using an old analog television set that is not connected to ... Read More »

Do you need a digital antenna using a digital converter box?

All antennas are the same as far as receiving a signal. There are some antennas built for converter boxes that have a rotor (to better aim the antenna) and built in amplifier to boost the signal co... Read More »

How to Hook Up TV Digital Converter Box & DVD Player?

A digital converter box transforms digital television broadcasting signals into analog signals that can be viewed on older television sets, such as cathode ray tube (CRT) models. The converter box ... Read More »

How to hook up a tv with only coax advd/video player, and a digital converter box?

You need an RF modulator that has bypass. Converter box RF out goes to RF modulator RF in, RF modulator RF out goes to TV RF in. A/V from DVD player goes to A/V in on the RF modulator. RF modulator... Read More »