Do you need a different kind of wick for floating candles?

Answer You do not need any kind of special wick to make floating candles. Floating candles use the same wicks as regular candles. However, use a small wick and preferably one that is pre-primed. It shoul... Read More »

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How to Care for 3 Wick Candles?

The ambiance and mood set by candles appeals to many people. When you add the subtle scents that candles often give off, the combination creates an appealing environment in the home. Combine votive... Read More »

How to Make Floating Candles?

Floating candles are magical at a dinner party, wedding or seasonal event, especially floating in a clear bowl with a few flowers. Making them at home is easy and you can scent them as wished when ... Read More »

How to Make Floating Candles With Vegetable Oil?

Floating candles set the mood for a romantic night. They can also be used for beautiful centerpieces for weddings or other formal events. Wax floating candles are more traditional, but vegetable oi... Read More »

Floating Candles & Flowers Centerpieces?

Floating candle and flower centerpieces add a beautiful element to your table decorations. These inexpensive but versatile designs are extremely easy to create. The centerpieces can be as elaborate... Read More »