Do you need a data package for the iphone 4?

Answer It will be 1 cr and tansparnet 2 cr

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Do i need a 2gb data package if the samsung captivate has wifi?

Keep in mind that wifi is free, and does not use your MB. So I would go for the cheaper package of $15/mo for 200 MB.

If you have an iphone 3g but you got it from a friend but there is no data package will it cost you extra money?

Do you have to have a data package when you buy a iphone?

Not to be rude, but yes of course you have to buy a data package with an iPhone, unless of course you don't want to use it, or with the iPhone 4GS, you can get no-commitment pricing.

Are there any free Android IM client apps that work offline - I don't have a data package and I need to send IMs via AT and T's phone network.?