Do you need a converter box if your TV is already an HDTV?

Answer No. You only need a converter box so that your analog TV can decode digital broadcast signals. Since a high-definition TV is already digital, it does not require a converter. You do not need a conv... Read More »

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Can you get HDTV over the air broadcast on a HDTV monitor with a standard TV antenna or do you need a converter?

Answer Yes, you can use the old antenna. However, some new antennas are specially designed to better capture digital TV signals. And the direction, angle, distance, and type of digital signals in y... Read More »

Do hdtv need a converter box with hdtv antenna?

No, as long as it is not "HD ready" you will not need a converter box. The technology in the converter box is built into the HDTV

Do I need any converter box for my HDTV antenna for use with my HDTV?

It's almost unbelievable to me but virtually everyone is giving you bad advice. If your TV is a HD set and it has a coaxial connector on the back to hook up your antenna, then it has a digital tune... Read More »

What is the best HDTV converter?

On One Hand: Tivax STB-T9On most HDTV converter review sites, this small box has consistently been the top-ranked or second-ranked converter box since its release. Its easy setup and decent picture... Read More »