Do you need a contract for a second hand Iphone?

Answer Yes, unless you want the first person with the iPhone to pay your bill, visit the At and t store to get a contract.

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Ive just bought a second hand iPhone 3Gs off contract with no SIM. can I get free internet preferably with the 3 network?

Do you have to pay for an iphone hand set and a contract?

3G phones are much more expensive than 2G phones because these phones use much more advanced technology than the ones that are on 2G phones.

Is my new iPhone second hand/refurbished?

What do you mean someone else's name was registered? WHere does it show you that. When I log in to wifi it's just the place it is (i.e. in this case for you McDonalds) that comes up.

Do you need a contract to use the iPhone 3G even if you don't need the phone part?

Yess you can ( but not through the itunes updates). if you are available for an upgrade, just go to the store and you can get the 16GB iPhone for $199, or the 32GB for $299. IF you are NOT availabl... Read More »