Do you need a checking account in order to get a debit card?

Answer Yes, you need a checking account in order to get a debit card. Unlike credit cards, debit cards draw money directly from your bank account, working much like a written check. The money is then inst... Read More »

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How do I empty a checking account with a debit card?

Withdrawing Funds From ATMGo to an ATM, withdraw the maximum amount from the checking account and repeat this process until a balance of less than $20 remains. Be aware that most debit cards have a... Read More »

How to Add Money to a Debit Card From a Checking Account?

Debit cards look like credit cards, but they act like checks. This means you get all of the conveniences of using a credit card while still maintaining control of your spending since all of the ch... Read More »

Can you have a debit card without a checking account for Bank of America?

The Bank of America debit card is considered a check card, and requires a checking account from which to withdraw funds. An ATM card for other accounts (i.e. savings) is not the same as the Visa-ba... Read More »

How do I manage a joint checking account when two people are using debit cards?

Bank OnlineSign up for online banking so both partners may view the balance at any time. Most debit card charges are recorded instantly so each partner has current information. That is only a parti... Read More »