Do you need a certificate, high school diploma or college degree to be a welder?

Answer In many cases, welders receive training at vocational high schools or community colleges, as well as training through their jobs. In some cases, welders must obtain certification that is issued thr... Read More »

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How to Replace My High School Diploma Certificate?

Your high school diploma is the certificate that shows that you graduated. If you don't have it anymore, it doesn't mean you'll have to take high school over again. The school district and state st... Read More »

Can I still get my high school diploma if I have a certificate of completion?

An individual who has received a certificate of completion can go on to get a high school diploma. A certificate of completion is awarded to a student that has filled the course requirements for hi... Read More »

Is the ACE certificate equal to a high-school diploma?

The American Council on Education offers a certificate called the General Educational Development Tests, or the GED. The GED certificate is considered equal to a traditional high school diploma by ... Read More »

What is the difference between a high school diploma&a certificate of achievement?

A high school diploma is a formal document regulated by the state that certifies the completion of a prescribed program of study from a secondary school. A certificate of achievement indicates a st... Read More »