Do you need a cage for a parakeet?

Answer If you're raising parakeets, you need a cage for them to ensure their safety as well as for the neatness of the house. Ensure that the cage has sufficient space for them to fly freely. Take extra c... Read More »

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How to Cover a Parakeet Cage at Night?

Parakeets are friendly birds, but they can spook easily and sometimes require a quiet, dark environment to rest and relax. It is important to cover a parakeet cage at night so that the bird can fee... Read More »

Do it Yourself Outdoor Parakeet Cage?

Parakeets, otherwise known as budgies, are small birds related to parrots that are renowned for their singing and their tame and gentle nature. Caring for your parakeet can be a lot of fun and high... Read More »

Can a zebra finch&a parakeet be kept in a cage together?

A zebra finch and a parakeet can share a cage. However, the cage needs to be large enough to allow ample room for movement. There should be perches inside for both birds to perch upon and for the p... Read More »

How to Introduce a New Parakeet to Another Parakeet?

The parakeet, known as a "budgie" in several parts of the world, is originally from Australia and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The bird is known for its loud voice and has the ability to... Read More »