Do you need a Wii console to have the Wii Fit?

Answer Yes, you need a Nintendo Wii console in order to play Wii Fit. Wii Fit is a video game on a disk that must be placed into the Nintendo Wii, and the included Balance Board needs to communicate wirel... Read More »

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Do you need a TV Licence in the UK if you have a television just to watch DVD's or play online on a console?

No, you don't.The law (Communications Act 2003) requires that a licence is obtained for any device that is "installed or used" for "receiving or recording a television programme at the same time (o... Read More »

Does the Wii console have wireless capabilities?

The Nintendo Wii will connect to a wireless Internet network directly out of the box. Go into the Wii menu to connect to a wireless access point. You can then access news, weather and games which y... Read More »

Does Vista have a recovery console?

Windows Vista does not have a recovery console like the one found in Windows XP. Instead, you can access the recovery options for Windows Vista by booting from the original installation disc or by ... Read More »

Does the Wii console have wireless Internet capabilities?

The Nintendo Wii comes ready to connect wirelessly to the Internet out of the box. Users must enter "Wii Settings" on the "Wii Menu" to set up their console to connect to their wireless Internet.So... Read More »