Do you need a TV licence just to own a TV but not watch any channels?

Answer Hi Lynne,This has long been an interesting question. The simple answer is, if you have any equipment in you house that can receive a television signal, and you are using it you have to have a TV L... Read More »

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Do you need tv licence to watch tv on pc?

If I only watch satelite tv do I need a tv licence?

110% YES... true answer cause ive had this out with them myslef x

Do you need a TV Licence in the UK if you have a television just to watch DVD's or play online on a console?

No, you don't.The law (Communications Act 2003) requires that a licence is obtained for any device that is "installed or used" for "receiving or recording a television programme at the same time (o... Read More »

Can I still watch SD channels on a HD tv?