Do you need a Pennsylvania drivers licence to get Pennsylvania auto insurance?

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What is the punishment for not maintaining auto insurance in pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law requires motor vehicle owners to carry insurance. Driving without insurance may result in suspension of your license and registration, as well as fines and restoration fees.Require... Read More »

What If I Have a Lapse in My Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania drivers are required to maintain financial responsibility throughout the duration of their driving and registration privileges. To meet the state's auto insurance requirements, Pennsyl... Read More »

Do auto mechanics in Pennsylvania need to be licensed?

Automobile mechanics in Pennsylvania are not required by law to hold a professional license. However, mechanics who wish to complete vehicle inspections must hold an automotive inspection license f... Read More »

Do you need insurance on a moped in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Recreational vehicle or motorcycle insurance is required in order to legally register a moped with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania. The moped registration form asks the name o... Read More »