Do you need a Microsoft HDMI cable for an Xbox 360?

Answer An HDMI cable is not necessary to hook up an Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console with a television. The Xbox 360 comes with a composite audio-video cable that can be used to connect the device w... Read More »

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Will an xbox 360 hdmi port work with any hdmi cable?

The Xbox 360 HDMI port allows any cable to be connected. The HDMI cable included from the factory is not the only option for connecting to the HDMI output. Going with less expensive HDMI cables can... Read More »

Whats the difference in connecting my Xbox 360 via component cable and HDMI cable?

Wow - so many wrong answers.As long as the Component cables are rated for the high-def frequencies, they will send full 1080p to your TV and with a name-brand TV you should not be able to see any d... Read More »

Which is better for me, monitor with vga cable hd xbox cable, or my lcd tv which is with hdmi and 1080i?

Can you use an hdmi cable that is labeled for an xbox on a cable box?